NIS for Dublin Array Offshore Wind Farm

We recently prepared the Natura Impact Statement (NIS) for the Dublin Array Offshore Wind Farm

A copy of our NIS can be downloaded from here.

Dublin Array is an offshore wind farm that is being developed on the Kish and Bray Banks in the Irish Sea, 10 km off the nearest coast of Dublin and Wicklow. Ireland has one of the best wind resources in the world. By harnessing this resource, we can meet mandatory EU energy targets, create jobs, help to combat climate change and increase Ireland’s security of energy supply.

Offshore wind energy

With a potential installed capacity of at least 500 MW, the Dublin Array will generate enough green electricity to meet the demands of over half a million homes. This means a large proportion of the electricity needed by Dublin would be supplied by Dublin Array.

If you need a Natura Impact Statement prepared please contact us at +353 61 419477

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