Eological survey of proposed major wind farm site.

Ecofact staff have just completed a major ecological survey of a proposed 30 turbine wind farm site in County Cork. The study which extended over a one-year period included both terrestrial and aquatic habitat surveys, fisheries and aquatic ecology assessments (including Freshwater Pearl Mussel Survey, Lamprey survey, and juvenile salmonid assessmesnts using electrofishing). Specialist bird surveys, including raptor and red grouse assessments were also completed. Terrestrial macroinvertebrate surveys were also completed. Non-volant mammal surveys were undertaken along with bat surveys, including detailed work on Lesser Horsehoe bats and Leisler’s bats An Ecological Impact Assessment report and Natura Impact Statement were also prepared.

Ecofact are Ireland’s leading independant ecology firm and have extensive experience in assessing the ecological impacts of propsoed wind farm projects. For further information on our company please contact us at +353 61 419477 or visit our main website at http://www.ecofact.ie.

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