Bat Survey Ireland – New Website is a new website launched by ECOFACT which outlines the range of bat survey and bat management services which ECOFACT provide in Ireland. Bat Survey Ireland is a business unit of ECOFACT, and we are the leading independent provider of bat survey services in Ireland. If you require a bat survey please visit the new Bat Surveys Ireland website as

Bat Survey Ireland is a professional client-focused consultancy providing affordable bat surveys.  We offer a range of bat survey and bat consultancy services, and have a particular expertise in assessing proposed wind farm site for bats. If you require any information regarding wind farm bat surveys please do not hesitate to visit our site and give us a call on +353 61 419477.

Bat Survey Ireland staff are fully qualified to carry out a range of bat surveys and bat management services. Our staff are licensed bat surveys and are approved and licensed by both the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). We are also on the Heritage Council’s bat expert panel. Whatever your bat survey or bat consultancy requirement, we can provide a cost effective for solution for you.

If you need a bat survey, or any advice on bats or their habitats, please do not hesitate to ring us or email us at

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