Brook lamprey translocation work

ECOFACT Environmental Consultants Ltd. were engaged by a building firm to translocate lampreys from a 100m long section of stream that was about to be diverted on a construction site. The work was completed this week using depletion electrofishing under licence from the Department of the Communications, Energy, and Natural Resources. The lampreys were transported to downstream of the works site and released into similar habitats, following measurement and enumeration.

Overall, a total of 1,250 brook lamprey ammocetes were captured and translocated downstream. Using a linear regression model we estimated that we removed over 90% of the estimated population in first three passes of the electrofisher. This work involved over 8 hours continuous electrofishing using a Smith-Root LR-24 backpack. At an average minimum density of 11.88 lampreys per m2, this was one of the best brook lamprey streams we have encountered. This highlights the importance of small streams like this in relation to brook lamprey production.

The photograph below show the operation in progress. ECOFACT are the only consultancy in Ireland qualified to undertake this type of translocation work. Also see our websites and for further details about us and surveys we provide, particularly in relation to Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries.

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