ECOFACT Bat Survey Services

Ireland is home to at least ten species of bat, from two Families, the Vespertilionidae (with nine species) and the Rhinolophidae (with one species). All bats in Ireland are protected under national legislation for wildlife protection; that is the Wildlife Act (1976) and the Wildlife (Amendment) Act (2000).

All bat species are also protected under the provisions of Annex IV of the EU Habitats Directive (1992), while the Lesser Horseshoe Bat is afforded further protection, being listed on Annex II of the same Directive. The domestic legislation that implements this Directive gives strict protection to individual bats and their breeding and resting places. Bat species are also protected under the Bonn Convention and the Bern Convention (Appendix II).

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ECOFACT is the leading company providing bat surveys and bat consultancy services in Ireland. This gallery shows ECOFACT staff on current bat survey fieldwork throughout Ireland. We provide a range of bat survey, monitoring and mitigation services, including supply and installation of a range of bat boxes.

Bat surveys we provide include Presence/absence surveys, night-time bat activity surveys, building and structural surveys and tree roost surveys. Our main website is

All our bat survey staff are NPWS/NIEA licensed. We are also on the Heritage Council Bat Expert panel.If you need a bat survey please contact us at or +353 (0)61 419477.

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