Fish translocation on the N11 Rathnew to Arklow Road Scheme

ECOFACT’S expert ecologists are currently providing ecological monitoring services on the N11 Rathnew to Arklow Road Improvement Scheme, on behalf of BAM PPP. The N11 Rathnew to Arklow Road Improvement Scheme consists of 16.38 km dual carriageway between the northern end of the N11 Arklow Bypass and the southern end of the N11 Ashford Rathnew Bypass.

Our ecologists were on-site this week to undertake fish and lamprey translocation work on a number of watercourses that will be diverted to facilitate the construction of this national road scheme. ECOFACT are experts in undertaking this type of specialist work and have worked with BAM on a number of similar projects. Fish translocation differs from fish salvage in that fish are moved out of the way before the river is disturbed and is the approach recommended by ECOFACT.

Fish we translocated this week included brown trout, river/brook lamprey, European eel and lots of three-spined sticklebacks. Fish are collected using back pack electrofishing, identified and weighed, and placed in aerated water containers to be moved outside of the affected area to suitable habitats which we have previously identified. The work is undertaken under licence from the Inland Fisheries Division of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. During this work we also work closely with our clients BAM PPP and also Inland Fisheries Ireland staff.

ECOFACT staff are currently involved in a significant number of translocation projects such as this. No other company operating in Ireland has the experience and capability of ECOFACT in relation to ecological assessments and delivery of mitigation on site. If you require any assistance on your construction site make sure you contact us. We are Ireland’s leading ecology team and your first choice environmental partner.

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