Aquatic Ecology Surveys, July 2015

The photo galley below shows some of our aquatic ecology survey work completed so far this summer. The surveys here are for assessments of proposed wind energy developments and proposed wind farm grid connections. We are also currently undertaking a large number of Freshwater Pearl Mussel impact assessments required as part of EPA licencing of Waste Water Treatment Plants. This work is being completed on behalf of Irish Water.

To activate the gallery click on any of the photos below.

Also see these recent previous posts on our main website:-

If you require any further information about the work we do or how we can assist you with a project, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you need an aquatic ecology survey (e.g. kick sampling assessments, freshwater pearl mussel survey, crayfish survey, electrical fishing survey etc.) completed this year please contact us now at +353 61 419477 or at

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