Our ongoing protected mammal surveys

Our staff have been very busy recently undertaking protected mammal surveys for a number of projects, including proposed residential and commercial developments, wind farm sites, water services projects and the restoration of a canal. ECOFACT provides a range of  surveys and assessment services for all mammal species in Ireland, including bats and non-volant mammals such as badger, otter, red squirrel and pine marten.

Winter and early-spring is the ideal time to undertake non-volant mammal surveys as vegetation cover is low and mammal dwellings and signs such as trails can be found more easily. Bats are hibernating during the winter months, but we still look for signs of bat activity and undertake bat habitat assessments. Recently we also supervised a tree-felling operation to ensure that no bats were present.

We provide expert advice and professional services in the area of protected mammal surveys

Some photos from our current ongoing bat and non-volant mammal surveys from early 2016 are provided below. The photos below show badger setts, latines and trails, trail cam work, along with some photos from otter surveys with trails, slides and sprainting sites shown. Wild fallow deer and deer droppings are shown, along with some recent photos from our winter bat survey work.

We provide expert advice and professional services in the area of protected mammal surveys. We advise on the protection status, suitable survey methodologies, procurement of derogation licences and mitigation measures required for all protected mammal species. We have a number of in-house staff which are fully qualified and licensed to carry out a range of non-volant mammal and bat surveys, with all staff having undergone specialist training modules. Our mammal ecologists are listed on the Heritage Council’s bat expert panel, and hold licences from National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and/or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Our surveys follow methodology approved for use by NPWS and NIEA. We can apply for derogation licences, and have extensive experience in providing mitigation such as artificial bat roots, badger setts, and otter holts. We have extensive experience in reaching agreements with NPWS and NIEA staff on such matters.

Our mammal ecologists are listed on the Heritage Council’s bat expert panel, and hold licences from National Parks and Wildlife Service

Our mammal surveys are always designed to met project / legal requirements, and are always competitive and cost-effective.  We always undertake advance desk studies and check records protected mammals from the general area, using sources such as Biodiversity Ireland. The surveys themselves can range from checking sites to appraise presence / absence,  or more detailed surveys to map territories and commuting routes. The surveys are completed as a walkover survey and can include use of trail cams and other technology. Bat Survey services include day-time habitat assessments and tree/structure assessments, night-time bat activity surveys, commuting and foraging route surveys.  We have extensive equipment for use in bat surveys, including portable and stationary bat ultrasonic detectors/recorders, night vision equipment and endoscopes for looking into crevices. As required, we provide specific mitigation design including habitat restoration plans, mammal underpass and fencing design, exclusions under licence, replacement bat roosts, and artificial sett and holt construction.

For further information on the range of non-volant mammal and bat surveys and assessments we provide please see the following links.

Also, please contact us now if you have a requirements in relation to protected mammal surveys and assessments. Also visit our main website and also our dedicated Bat Surveys Ireland website.

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