Newport River Salmon Run

Selected clips of salmon jumping at a falls on the upper Newport (Mulkear) River, Co Tipperary. This is a natural falls and many hundreds of salmon do get past. This is part of the Lower River Shannon SAC. This footage was taken during November 2016 but it was not posted previously.

Additional clips of salmon jumping at the same falls at the same site is also provided in the below. This footage is also from November 2016 but was also not posted previously.

Also please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe. Additional videos of salmon at this site are also available there.

The Newport River is part of the River Mulkear catchment. The River Mulkear joins the old River Shannon downstream of Parteen Regulating weir. The Mulkear catchment is considered to be one of the most important salmon rivers in Ireland but has been affected by water quality declines and drainage works. The river may also be affected by the Shannon scheme with salmon destined for the Mulkear catchment running upstream and though the dams, which have no downstream fish passes.  The presence of an ornamental weir at Annacotty also affects salmon in the lower Mulkear catchment with this weir being a difficult obstacle to pass at certain flows. This weir should be rempved to help all migratory – the weir is impassable for River Lampreys. The falls featured in the video above is a natural falls but easement works should be undertaken here to make it easier for salmon to pass here.

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