Grey partridges, Boora, Co Offaly

The video below shows  a Pine Marten, Grey Partridges, a Hare, and a Pheasant pass a trailcam in Bord n Mona’s Boora Discovery Park, Co Offaly, during January 2018. We were delighted to record these Grey Partridges. It is interesting that we also recorded a Pine Marten and they are increasing their range in Ireland. This camera was set for one week.

Once a common native farmland game bird in Ireland, numbers of Grey Partridge declined drastically due to agricultural intensification in the 20th century – and this bird nearly went extinct here. Indeed, by 1999 just 22 individuals survived, and these were limited to the Bord na Mona boglands at Boora, Co Offaly.

Grey Partridges were originally a species of the eastern steppe grasslands, and they can survive only in fields and hedgerows which are farmed in a traditional environmentally-sensitive way. The Irish Grey Partridge Conservation Trust manages the habitats at Boora to help this species and its numbers are stable and increasing here. However it is still considered to be endangered in Ireland and remains a red-listed species – but there are now also a number of other projects to help the species return to other areas.

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