What we do

We provide expert consultancy advice in relation to water, renewable energy and infrastructure developments. We also provide a range of services in relation quarrying and mining along with commercial and recreational projects. Full details of our services can be found on our main website www.ecofact.ie. An overview account of what we do is also given below.

In relation to water, we take a leading role in relation to integrated water resource management of freshwater and inshore aquatic environments. We have worked in the design, licencing and monitoring of hundreds of waste water plants (WwTPs) for local authorities and industry. We have particular expertise in relation to working in sensitive catchment. For example we have been involved in the licencing of almost every WwTP in the River Nore catchment in Ireland upstream of the endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margartitifera margaritifera population in this catchment. We also have extensive experience in relation to water supply schemes, and have worked on some of the largest water supply schemes progressed in Ireland over the past decade.

Provision of environmental consultancy advice in relation to renewable energy developments is also our key area of expertise, and indeed dominates most of our workload at present. We provide a range of services in relation to ecology and surface water issues providing expert input into the design, construction and operation of both wind farms and hydropower schemes. We are now the leading independent company providing these services in Ireland, and are working on the more small hydro schemes than any other company operating in Ireland. We are also working on numerous wind energy projects, including the Dublin Array offshore project which is the largest wind energy project currently being progressed in Ireland. Our strong background in water resource management, fisheries and aquatic ecology has streamlined our emergence as a leading advisor on hydropower developments. We have worked with the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) on large scale hydro schemes on the Shannon, Erne and Lee. In Northern Ireland we were engaged by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) as senior fisheries and aquatic advisors to develop an exemplary scheme for small hydro development. We are also working on a number of large scale pumped hydro scheme proposals, linked to wind energy developments.

Our expertise in ecology, water and appropriate assessment also allowed us to develop a range of expert and integrated services in relation to the design and implementation of wind energy proposals. We have in-house expertise in relation to bird surveys, habitat surveys, bat and mammal surveys and provide these and other specialist ecological and environmental services to wind energy developers. We are experts in the design and implementation of Surface Water Quality Management Plans and Habitat and Species Management Plans. We are at the forefront of bringing new technologies such as Avian Radar to Ireland and the UK to allow developments to proceed in what were previously viewed as sensitive sites. Likewise our work in the most sensitive river catchments in the British Isles has given us exceptional capabilities in the design and implementation of novel water quality protection plans on wind farm construction sites.

Over much of the past 15 years, we have been highly involved with the design and development of roads and other major infrastructure projects such as water supply and water schemes. We have worked as lead ecological consultants on some of the largest of these schemes progressed in Ireland during the ‘Celtic Tiger’ era. These have included over 30 national road schemes in Ireland including the M20 Cork to Limerick scheme, along with major waste water schemes such as the Cork Harbour Main Drainage Scheme. Despite the economic downturn, we are still involved in numerous infrastructure schemes and indeed are advising on most of the few schemes which are currently being progressed in Ireland, including a major realignment of N4 National Road in Sligo, and a number of major water supply schemes in the west of Ireland (Cliftden RWSS, Costelloe RWSS, and Lough Talt RWSS). Water supply schemes have always been a core area of expertise and we have worked on some of the largest water supply schemes progressed in Ireland over the past decade. Again, our integrated approach of combining hydrology, chemical, ecological and regulatory insight has allowed us to develop sustainable water resource management strategies for our clients. We are currently working on water abstraction schemes in some of the most sensitive lakes in Western Ireland, located within aquatic dependant Special Areas of Conservation. Our extensive experience in water supply schemes has provided provides significant advantages when working across a range of small hydropower schemes.

With the recent rise in metal prices, we have been engaged to work on a number of major proposed mining developments. Our previous expertise in quarrying during Ireland’s road building boom has been of significant benefit here also. Likewise, we have completed preliminary assessments in relation to shale gas (‘fracking’) and are keen to bring our integrated approach to this area and find sustainable solutions for a number of prosed projects in Ireland. We are also increasingly involved in research and have undertaken a number of research contracts for the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Electricity Supply Board (ESB).

In addition to the summary above, extensive details regarding our company, what we can do, and how we can help you can be found on our main website. Also, if you require any additional information please do not hesitate to ‘phone us at +353 61 419477.

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